About Rebel Mermaid

Rebel Mermaid is a weave of stories about a non-conforming Filipina and her offbeat adventures, awesome humans connections and meaningful experiences.


“To awaken quite alone in a strange town is one of the most pleasant sensations in the world. You are surrounded by adventure.” -Freya Stark, Explorer and Author

What You’ll Find Here:

Travel and Adventures

Fun, crazy and profound stories while on the road and beyond.


Tips about productivity, remote work and whatever I know about start-ups.

Life Stuff

All about the deep stuff, my existential bouts and inspirational musings.


How It Started

Rebel Mermaid started out as a way to share experiences from local travels. It evolved as a form of rebellion from the lack of blogs that shared off-the-beaten destinations, real local culture and authentic connections between people and nature. This blog aims to tell in-depth stories that takes people on a journey in finding the essence of a destination.


The Story Behind the Name

I would have loved it if people would be more attracted to sea turtles than mermaids but the way of the world says otherwise. I originally had a blog named Paniki Chronicles and another one over Blogger but those were more centred on teenage emotions and negativity so I have decided to pivot into a more proactive and positive perspective.

About The Rebel (A Sort of Serious Bio)

Paula Bernasor is a Filipina who lives multiple lives: ex-beauty queen, environmentalist, digital storyteller, tech geek and adventurer. She is a nurse-turned-startup aficionado who works as a remote productivity mermaid a.k.a project manager. She likes designing operations workflows, fostering quality relationships and boosting customer service. She is currently dipping her toes into experience design and growth hacking.

In case you already Googled her, you will find out all her pageant titles such as Miss SCUBA Philippines 2012 Marine Tourism, Miss Tourism International Philippines 2014 in Shenzhen and Miss SCUBA International 2013 First Runner-up among them

She is a passionate advocate of education for all, community empowerment and sustainability. As an experienced community builder, she actively volunteers as Chapter Director for Startup Grind Cebu, InterNations Cebu Ambassador, Thresher Shark Research and Conservation Project, Project Sharklink, Certified Pro and Events Host for Asana, Organizer for Green Drinks Cebu and a Mentor for Climate Reality Leadership Corps. She launched grassroots movements such as Ocean Love Philippines, Digital Nomads Philippines and Project Library.

When not working, you can find her exploring unpopular almost unknown destinations (scuba diving, surfing or simply eating), helping non-profit orgs or any human to make the world a better place or prowling across the world wide web in search for new knowledge, unique technologies and good stories. She is mesmerized by puns, books and adventures.

Find More Here: https://www.beacons.page/rebelmermaid

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